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    Create .htaccess config files for Apache webservers. Functions like password protection, error pages, redirects, caching, html compression and custom code allows the quick creation of your configuration file. You don’t have to learn the special syntax for the config file. The integrated FTP upload function allows to upload the .htaccess file directly to your webspace.

    The password and user management allows to create password protected areas for your website. You can add as many users as you want. Import and export with the CSV format.

    Download DA-HtAccess

  • Quickly create .htaccess configuration files

    .DA-HtAccess Konfigurationsdateienhtaccess files created with only a few clicks. Functions can be activated and added to your config.

    Password protection

    DA-HtAccess PasswortschutzSet up password protection for your homepage. So access to your specific website is only possible with username and password. An unlimited number of different users can be created. The password generator helps to create secure passwords. Practical import and export of data with CSV files is possible.


    DA-HtAccess Fehlerseiten Weiterleitungen/RedirectsChange the URLs of your homepage or move to another domain, no problem with redirects. Import and Export with CSV files.

    Error Pages

    DA-HtAccess FehlerseitenWho does not know the Error 404 Object not found? Such and other error messages are shown by the browser as standard messages. With DA-HtAccess you define your own error pages for your website, which better fits your website design.

    Cache settings and compression

    DA-HtAccess Caching FunktionImprove visitor experience and SEO by minimizing loading times. Cache and compression settings via .htaccess file significantly reduce the loading times and traffic of your website. You can simply use the default settings or define the caching duration in detail for each file type.

    FTP Upload

    DA-HtAccess FTP-UploadUpload your .htaccess files directly to your webspace with the integrated FTP upload function.

  • Buy Full Version

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    Advantages of the full version

    • unlimited users for the passwort protection
    • no nag screen when starting the software
    • you support further development of the software
    • free updates for 2 years