Update DA-FormMaker Version 4.7

Since yesterday the version 4.7 of DA-FormMaker is online.

As always, the update is free for all users who have purchased the software in the past.

Simply use the update function in the software or download it from our homepage.

Popup selection

The pop-up selection field has been added as a new field type. This allows elements to be selected from a dialog and transferred to a text field.

Elements can be preselected or are always selected. It is also possible to check for a minimum number of items.

Move form fields with the mouse

Fields can now be moved with the mouse:

Own HEAD and Footer Code

In the settings you can now create code for the HEAD area of the HTML file and for the end. The code is automatically inserted into all templates, which do not need to be edited manually anymore.

This function can be used to insert additional scripts or HTML codes.

Duplication of fields

Fields can be quickly duplicated and then modified:

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