DA-FormMaker 4.10 with multi column forms

The new version of DA-FormMaker is now available for download. Version 4.10 brings numerous new features such as Bootstrap 4 support, multi-column forms and checkbox fields.

As usual, the update is free for all existing customers. Simply download and install the trial version.

What are the new features?

Multi-column forms

Forms can now be designed with several columns. Form fields can now be arranged next to each other.

Afterwards up to 4 form fields can be placed next to each other:

Existing form fields can be inserted into the “subfolders” using Drag & Drop. Or you can simply create new fields next to each other.

Of course, the templates have also been adapted and use the new multi-column feature.

Bootstrap 4

The Bootstrap form was revised and changed to the current Bootstrap 4 version. Design and function have been updated.

Checkbox fields

Text and dropdown fields can now be optionally designed. The user can then activate the fields with a checkbox.

The fields are only transmitted if they are active. The same applies to the check, which is only active if the field is also activated.

Horizontal line

A horizontal line for the spatial separation of fields can now easily be inserted in forms:

Error corrections

  • Error corrections at the FTP upload

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