DA-OrderForm 4.4 published

DA-OrderForm 4.4 has been published today. The version change from 4.1 to 4.4 is slightly larger and due to the versioning of DA-FormMaker. Both programs are now equipped with the same functions and will be adapted to each other in the future. This means that a new function in DA-FormMaker can be found in DA-BestellFormular shortly afterwards.

In this version we have added some new features. As always, the new version can be downloaded directly from our homepage or updated via the software’s update function.

Checkboxes with links

Checkboxes can now be provided with a link. This has already been done via HTML code in the caption, now without this workaround it will be possible to quickly generate checkboxes for terms and conditions, revocation conditions or data protection regulations.

In the standard template we have now also created an terms and conditions check, so that this can no longer be forgotten. The link to your own terms and conditions must of course be adapted.

Signature field

Let your customers sign, with mouse or on the touch screen:

Automatic marking of mandatory fields

Mandatory fields can now be uniformly marked:

Other functions

  • transparent Iframe
  • Captcha check with Ajax
  • Labelling instead of field names in e-mail
  • File upload: Selection of allowed file types
  • >.

  • New input for radio buttons
  • Revised calendar field in the classic form
  • .

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