Spam protection for formmail script

Spam protection in Formmail-Script

In the Formmail-Script there is the possibility to configure a spam protection. The filtering is based on 3 criteria:

  • blacklist (terms that are on the list)
  • link spam, check for above-average number of links
  • HTML spam, HTML links that appear in e-mails, typical guestbook and forum spam

The blacklist is simply a file with entries. If an entry occurs in an e-mail, the e-mail is recognized as spam and rejected.

The spam protection is activated in the config.php file:

Here you also have the possibility to have mails that are detected as spam sent to a special e-mail address. This allows you to test if the correct e-mails are filtered.

Creating the blacklist

The blacklist is maintained with the file “_blacklist.php” in the formmail directory. Open the file with a text editor. One entry per line:

Then load the file into the formmail directory.

Blacklist from DA-Software

We ourselves maintain a blacklist for our formmail scripts. This list is updated daily and thus contains current spam terms.

You can download them here:

We recommend updating the list regularly.

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