Why is sendgrid@ekiwi.de used as sender in emails?

Why do the e-mails with the sender sendgrid@ekiwi.de come to me? Wouldn’t it be nicer if my own e-mail address or the e-mail address of the person filling in the form was used?

This was the case in the past. There, for example, the form sender was entered as the sender of the e-mail. If you filled out a form and used e.g. andy.dunkel@gmail.com as address in the e-mail field, this was entered as sender of the e-mail.

The problem: only Gmail itself, i.e. Google, is allowed to use @gmail.com as sender. You can easily enter the email address as sender, but mail servers check if the sending server matches the sender address at all. I.e. @ekiwi.de may only be used by our server, @outlook.com must come from the Microsoft server. If this is not the case, most mail servers sort out the e-mails as spam mail. Spammers in particular have used such senders in the past to fake legitimate e-mails.

For this reason, we use the e-mail address sendgrid@ekiwi.de when we send them. This ensures that the e-mails sent via our server are recognized as such and are not filtered out by the spam filter. Without this measure, e-mails would usually not be delivered at all.

To make it easier to reply to e-mails, the sender is entered as “Reply-To” in the e-mail. If you now go to Reply in your e-mail program, this e-mail address is taken over as the recipient:

When replying, andy.dunkel@gmail.com is automatically used as sender:

I want my own return address

This is also possible, you have to install the Formmail-Script on your server. The script can be downloaded free of charge for all customers: https://secure.da-software.de

We also offer here an installation service.

With this script you have the possibility to control the sender as usual.

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