DA-FormMaker Update 4.13.0: Now with multi-page-forms!

DA-FormMaker version 4.13.0 has been released and is available for download. All update-entitled users can download and install the new version for free. What is new in DA-FormMaker 4.13.0?

Now with multi-step-forms

In addition to the usual minor bug fixes that aren’t worth a big mention, we’ve added a feature for creating multi-page forms in response to many customer requests. These are also partly better known as Multi-Step-Form.

With this it is possible to structure especially very extensive forms, which have many form fields, over several pages. This makes it easier to guide the user who is filling out the form through the form.

Such forms are very well suited for surveys and evaluation queries. But also an appointment request, application form or booking and reservation requests can be structured in this way.

Screenshot of a multi-page form
Customer survey with a multi-step form

Further information

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